Instagram Translation in the Future

Users will shortly see a Translation button available on Instagram. This will convert text in profile bios and captions, comments to whatever language you would like to read it in. Surely this is a big move in social media, as we can now “understand” people living across the globe.

It’s not unlikely that translations will be offered the platform supports although Instagram hasn’t declared which languages will be up for translation. The 3.4.0 variation of Instagram supports many of the following languages, and even more:
Afrikaans/Afrikaans, Chinese/Danish/Dansk, Dutch/Nederlands, Finnish/Suomi, French/Français, German/Deutsch, Greek/Ελληνικά, Indonesian/Bahasa Indonesia

Over the next month, you’ll see a translation button on profile bios and feed storylines.  The Instagram community has grown faster and faster and all over the world. We’re excited that you’ll shortly have the capacity to comprehend the complete narrative of an instant, regardless of what language you speak.


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